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Cancellation Policies

Owner may consider a full or partial refund if cancelled at least 30 days before arrival date, or if need arises to cancel within a sooner time frame, a transfer to available dates with coordination between owner and guest if/when replacement booking is found or as deemed possible by owner.  Owner will always work to accommodate if/when possible for guests.  Just ask!  Otherwise, last minute and within time frame where replacement bookings aren't possible- all bookings are Non-Refundable with exception of agreed to inclement weather that makes traveling impossible or extreme health issues, in which case booking may be postponed (rates may vary based on season), to later dates available arranged with property owner.  Bookings cancelled within a week (7-10 days of arrival) will incur a re-book fee of 1/2 the total of the booking (less the RDD), as we block off all our listings for your stay, making it impossible for others to book!  So please let us know if you need to reschedule and we will do our best to get a replacement booking to save on the additional charges for re-book! Thanks for understanding as well! 

 Optional "Add Ons" (see "Customize" page) incur Tax taken with payments to be received prior to booking or with exception during stay if possible.  All amounts due must be paid ahead of arrival (if last minute booking) or with booking for consideration of any refund with cancellations whether cancelled by guest or owner.  Any unpaid amounts (with rates itemized and due plus tax) for guests, pets, vehicles, or cleaning fees, tax, or any component of the booking as outlined fully in listing, due with booking in full  and are strictly NON-Refundable and those amounts  will be charged and taken out of deposit whether guest or property owner cancels booking for any violations of these terms, or lack of completion of payments due.  Any further amounts due if transfer is agreed upon and possible, if coordinated with owner as outlined, INCLUDING any completion of deposits, (for larger groups, pets, or longer stays) paid ahead prior to arrival and must be completed with any remainder of deposit amounts due  (based on amounts of deposits outlined for # of guests, pets, length of stay) PAID for guest to gain access to property. Cancellations may occur with obvious and documented violations in Rental Agreement Terms. All guests agree to Terms with booking. This includes  discourteous behavior for refunds due post booking or stay and guests not adhering to booking terms for refunds to begin processing or any chargebacks for confirmed bookings. Discourteous behavior by travelers at any time forfeits any/all deposits in full! Guests agree to terms with booking. Courteous and respectful behavior is required. All OPTIONAL Add Ons are also NON-Refundable as outlined in Rental Agreement Terms*. Terms are strictly non negotiable. Guest acknowledges and agrees to this policy with booking per Rental Agreement Terms. House Rules for additional guests over 2, pets, children, events, are outlined and agreed to with booking.  Violations in extended *rental agreement terms (*which will be sent  by attachment to guests via email along with other helpful info after booking such as "Directions to the property with access and parking info," "List of OPTIONAL Add Ons," " List of Fun Things to Do in the Area," "Concierge Services," and other helpful info for your stay!  Guests are also welcome to request ahead of booking by providing their email and info.

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