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Customize Your Stay
With our "Optional  Add Ons"

NOTE: "Add Ons" are plus tax. Pay with VenMo or Zelle (no fees), Or Credit Card (+3%fee).

We are happy to cater to special requests with allergies or preferences when possible for our "Specialty Baskets" (Substitute beverages for alcohol, add champagne or local brews! All “Baskets” are delivered to your accommodation just prior to your arrival for optimal freshness in Owners' baskets!  

Questions? Just reach out:

or CALL: 737-333-1800

*Click on items to add to CART for purchase or reach out to host for individual invoice and bundle discounts!

 UPGRADE your luxury stay!

Use "Chat" or contact your host if you have questions. 

*One Mini Hot Tub Package for up to an hour of heating/soaking (includes 1 small wood setup), is included in your stay for 3 nights or more bookings when booked directly here with us! Just ask & let us know when you’d like to schedule!  NOTE:  Adding MORE Hot Tub Packages will help to heat the pool for your enjoyment in cooler months! Just ask for rates on further pool heating per terms.


Hot Tub Packages:

DELUXE HOT TUB PACKAGES: Per your choice day/night~includes: 1 large firewood setup. Schedule a few hours or day/s ahead for wood set ups & timer, (if no burn ban) (*May include limited pool heat if temps avg. 65 or above-or additional heat to the pool in warmer months!) NOTE*:  In warmer weather, hot tub will stay heated for up to an hour after heat is off. 
-$155. Summer (May1
5-Oct 1)-FULL Pkg.

-$255. FULL winter/colder/off season (Oct 1-May 15) months/NIGHT- includes up to 2.5-hrs heating/running, set

   ahead on timer.  (* When temps allow in spring/fall, may discount to $225.)

-$75. Summer-per pkg.-includes 1.5 hrs heating/run time, and one large setup (setup for you ahead) fireplace wood-(May15-Oct 1). Does NOT include torches, grilling or citronella candles.  -*Minis" are hot tub only- . (Add more medium wood set ups for $25.ea)
-$155. Fall/Winter-2.5 hrs OR  Mini Hot Tub Package, 1.5 hrs for $125. Spring=1hr heat/run. Just 30 minutes? $75.

OUR BASKETS:  Pricing below based on 2 persons- but usually ample for 4 & MORE than 2 night stays!  Ask pricing to best suit your choice of baskets/beverages! Smaller baskets-$5-$10/person added over 2 persons-Discuss. Add $15-$20 per/additional person over 4. Consideration on pricing w/ larger baskets for ample drinks.

1.) $275.  DELUXE WELCOME BASKET FOR 2-4: Includes: One of our 90+rated wines (may substitute for choice of favorite drink.  For example: red/white/champagne, beer. Or upgrade wine to top tier-add $25.), Gourmet Cheeses/crackers/salami sausage, dip,etc., seasonal fruits, movie popcorn, chocolates, truffles, or cookies. "Grab n Go" fare, with addition of breakfast bread/snacks treats! A complete package for your stay! Enjoy any time! Appetizers/snacks for pool, getting ready to go out, or while waiting on delivery from one of the FABULOUS restaurants in the area, after dinner treats, or movie munchies! INCLUDES a nice breakfast bread! More than 4 persons? Add $20/guest for plentiful items!

2.) $195.  WINE/CHEESE/S BASKET FOR 2, w/medium priced wine. Or Top tier wine+$25. A very nice basket consisting of one of our 90+ rated wines, along w/ assortment of 3-4 gourmet cheese/s, variety of crackers, bread sticks, seasonal fruit/s, etc.Plenty for more than one day!  *May include a nice gourmet breakfast bread loaf, with condiments if you'd like add+$25.  More than 4 persons? Add $20/guest for plentiful items!

3.) $175.  CHARCUTERIE BOARD FIXIN'S FOR 2-4: A nice array of cured meats, cheeses, surrounded by foods that compliment those meats/cheeses, such as dips/spreads, fruits, nuts, jams, relishes, olives/peppers, crackers or a nice baguette!  Plenty for more than one day! Delivered in one of the owners' baskets, and easy to arrange and serve on one of the owner's boards! Enjoy out on the deck, fire pit/fireplace or poolside!More than 4 persons? Add $20/guest for plentiful items! 


NOTE: (*Use of: owners' picnic "blanket-n-a-bag," containers, paper plates, napkins, utensils, w/ small cooler AND thermal carry case-please return in same condition to hall closet)

 1.)$255. Deluxe Picnic Basket serves 2-4 and/or for several meals based on #of persons. *More than 4 to have more than one meal- add $20/person. Includes: Array of cheeses/gourmet crackers, bottle of one of our 90+ rated wines, --specify red/white-or type or champagne, or other fav drinks!, 3-4 salads (pasta, fruit, tuna, chicken, shrimp, etc.), top shelf Deli meats, sandwich "Fixin's," gourmet breads (guests put sandwiches together so they keep well to delay), chips, seasonal fruit, delightful variety of cookies, chocolate truffles &/or other yummy dessert!

 2.)$235.  Picnic Basket for 2-4: Works for more than 2 persons and/or more than one picnic!  Enjoy  Poolside or wherever you choose.  Similar to Deluxe but smaller. Example: 3-4 Special cheeses, variety of gourmet crackers, wine (specify red/white)other non alcoholic drinks, 2 salads, seasonal fruit, bread loaf/sandwich Deli "Fixin's," chips, snacks, cookies,& Dessert for 2-4! For more than 2 persons/2meals, add $20/person.


1.)$235. Deluxe-"Do It Yourself Breakfast Fixin's": (feeds2-4 for 2-4days): A LOT OF BREAKFASTS!: A dozen (or 2 for larger groups) farm fresh organic eggs, wholesome/no preservatives/ GMOs-Turkey sausages/bacon/Canadian Bacon-or veggie if you prefer, a nice variety of seasonal fruits, choice of: English muffins, sour dough, plain or cinnamon bagels (w/ whipped cream cheese, Butter), or Banana Nut, Lemon Blueberry, or some other gourmet fresh and scrumptious loaf! May include 3 ingredients for omelettes: (ex: baby spinach, green onions, cheese, ham, bell pepper, tomatoes).  Choice of 2 meats.  Add "smoked Salmon" or "Lox" w/ bagels/cream cheese, tomatoes and green onions or capers if you'd like-(Add $35.)

2.) $95. Breakfast Breads Basket-An assortment of Continental breakfast breads, fruit, condiments, other goodies .Let us know if you have any special requests (smoked salmon/bagels? Just add $25.and specify your preference), we try to accommodate~ (plenty- 2-3 mornings)

3.)  $175 Fuller Breakfast for 2-3persons-Usually more than 1 breakfast! Adds several items to the Continental Breakfast Bread item-Delivered to your room in Owner's Basket fresh and just prior to arrival. Items such as quiche and breakfast meats  will be pre-cooked and easy to heat in microwave. 


1.)$85. Homemade Cherry Pie-Delicious recipe from the owner's mom, a fabulously great cook, w/ tart cherries, wonderfully flaky crust, lads of fruit and just a hint of almond!  (Must be ordered a few days ahead of arrival) 1 pie-$85, 2 pies-$140, 3 pies-$185.

2.)$175. Dutch Oven Pot Roast-Feeds 4-6 for more than one meal.  Great for open faced sandwiches or pair with our green bean casserole, or a baked potato.  Loads of: tender meat in gravy, and an array of 2-3 veggies such as onions, carrots, potatoes, or bell peppers,or mushrooms , cooked slowly and deliciously with  a hint of garlic and other yummy seasonings! 

3.)$45. Southern Green Bean Casserole or fresh tender green beans-Feeds 4-6 for 1 meal, or add $20/person for more! A great side for our gourmet pot roast, and a standard southern recipe for holidays and any time!

FRIDGE STOCKING: Average $75. Let us do the shopping for you and stock your fridge so all you have to do is RELAX and ENJOY!  'Just give us your list and we’ll have it all there for your arrival!  Reasonable rates with $25-45 per bag pricing (not counting bulk larger items such as a pack of drinks)plus payment on receipts/items and quoted ahead with your list, receipts provided prior to delivery for payment. Save the grocery shopping!  We aim to please! . Just ASK!