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- $215 DELUXE WELCOME BASKET FOR 2.  $255 for 3-4 (Price set on range-add $20/person for more than 2 and additional beverages): Includes: Standard well rated wine or other choice of beverage. Upgrade to one of our 90+rated wines (may substitute for choice of favorite drink. Example: red/white/champagne, beer), Gourmet Cheeses/crackers, salami sausage, seasonal fruits, movie popcorn, chocolates/truffles or cookies. "Grab n Go" fare, snacks & treats! A complete package for your stay to enjoy any time! Appetizers/snacks for pool, getting ready to go out, or while waiting on delivery from one of the FABULOUS restaurants in the area. *INCLUDES a nice breakfast bread too! Upgrade beverage by request based on range!

Deluxe Welcome Basket-(Price range on size of group)!

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