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Pets and Children-Terms and Fees

PETS are an addition to your booking and are accepted individually (fees apply just as they would with boarding your pet!)

SMALLER PETS OR LAPDOGS:  ONLY small pets-well behaved doggies are allowed in the "Cozy Poolside Suite."( Likely just a flat rate fee of $100. for up to 4 days).  Guests MUST disclose details of pet/s for acceptance or forfeit deposit.

LARGER THAN 15 lbs, we may accept with "Luxury Guesthouse Cabin."  Guests must disclose details on their pet/s such as breed, weight, habits, up to date on shots, and pests prevention for "The Guesthouse Cabin."  

  Use Chat box or email and discuss if you'd like to bring your pet/s for BEST rates, ahead. Fees based on flat and daily rates in keeping with weight of animal. (Example: up to 35lbs=$35/night, 45lbs=$45/night, etc.. Larger than 20lb dogs are generally not accepted in the "Farmhouse Suite" but we do make exceptions if your pet is very well behaved with an additional deposit, so you may inquire. Flat Fee for each pet accepted of $100. for stays 2-6 nights, plus daily.


NOTE: Undisclosed pets and unpaid ahead amounts for pets forfeits deposit. 


Weight and breed of pet?   Is pet up to date on flea/tick prevention meds?  Is pet well behaved and house broken?  Do you agree to abide by all rental agreement terms with your pet?  Keep your pet off furniture and bedding?  Confirm that pets nails are all recently trimmed and filed not to scratch property or flooring?  Does your pet chew or scratch at property?  Do you agree to clean up after your pet inside accommodations, make sure all food/water for pet is kept off floor and in bowls?  Walk pet to do its "Biz" at least 50ft away from dwellings?  Please answer all questions via email  or chat for pet/s to be approved and best rates /fees assessed.   *It's an IDEAL property and a real TREAT for doggies that are well behaved and in keeping with our policies above!  

CHILDREN accepted- Well behaved children are welcome at the Retreat! However, if child is 10 months or older an Extra guest fee of $35-55/child/night will be taken after booking. Rates vary based on availability and whether in LOW or High Seasons / Holidays.  For best rates and possible discounts discuss number of children and ages ahead! We have some fold away smaller bedding for extra children in Suite.  Extra child  and discounts may be possible.   Just ask! All guest fees may be added with checkout as an option based on Seasons: Low/Non-Holidays vs High/Holidays). Fees for children (unless over 10 yrs old and counted as adult) will be taken after initial booking.  

REFUNDABLE Damage Deposits- Are access on number of guests, children, pets, and length of stay.  Above the 2/2 (two adults/2nights) at standard $750. The RDD (REFUNDABLE Deposit), will vary and be taken with "Request for additional payment" on these factors AFTER you are booked! Questions? Discounts? Just ask!

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