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RENTAL AGREEMENT for “The Guesthouse Cabin” &/OR “The Cozy Poolside Suite” at “The Retreat:”

All guests agree to our terms as outlined with booking and are expected to behave in a manner that is always courteous and respectful of the property and property owner/s including before/after arrival to property. These House Rules are agreed to by ALL GUESTS with booking and are for the protection of the property to protect from damages and wear of property to help keep property nice for other guests to enjoy! All rules and terms apply and are agreed to by ALL guests whether staying or just visiting! Guests may be asked to provide photo of drivers’ license upon arrival if asked, to staff or owner that matches them. (This is strictly to prevent fraud and fraudulent activity w/ credit cards.) Much of these rules may seem “common sense,” but necessary for those who might have questions or not intend to comply w/ booking terms.

CHECKING IN/OUT: CHECK IN TIME IS: 4PM OR AFTER. FOR EARLIER CHECK IN please ask and we will try to accommodate if possible. (upcharge may apply based on time frame)

CHECK OUT TIME IS: 11AM OR BEFORE. FOR LATER CHECK OUT please ask and we will always try to accommodate based on availability and cleaners’ schedule! (upcharge may apply or be deducted from deposit if more than a few minutes non-adherence).

This is a STRICTLY NON-SMOKING PROPERTY!  Please be courteous and adhere to this policy as agreed to with booking!  Guests who smoke, or guests of guests who smoke anywhere on the property including the street or neighbor's property, may be asked to leave promptly with enforcement and NO REFUNDS.

Drunk and disorderly conduct, throwing parties w/o written consent and arrangement ahead of booking will not be tolerated anywhere on the property and guests will likewise be asked to leave.

These terms are copied for our House rules, printed and available in guesthouse and all guests agree to abide by instructions on septic, parking, pool area, protection of condition of property, easements to the river-rules and easement hours.

FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY: Guests who create undue hassle for owners such as making fraudulent, false claims or reviews with false info, forfeiting deposit by non-adherence to terms/rules, non-payment for damages that they caused to property or owner, chargebacks for any part of their "non- refundable booking" when not cancelled at minimum of 90 days ahead for partial refund, or transfer to other dates available at discretion of owner ahead of stay.  Any/all chargebacks, especially following a stay, causing property owner to dispute, and document will be due @$90. /hour and guest agrees payment will be taken promptly, deducted from deposit, and reported to FRAUD DEPARTMENT of Law Enforcement /or paid promptly as billed!  This hourly rate for owner’s or staff’s time to oversee cleaning beyond the standard amount or to shop for or work to repair items or property damaged also applies and will be deducted from deposit or paid promptly by guest/s upon itemization of time by owner to guest/s. Guests confirm to have read all rental agreement terms and rules upon booking as well as arrival to property and to abide by all terms/rules.

PLEASE NOTE:  Things that may forfeit or be deducted from your deposit:

  1. Unpaid for use of firewood or fuel (tampering w/ pool equipment or controls)

  2. Septic System damage-The entire property is operated on a septic system. Guests agree to take proper care in disposing of human waste in toilet by flushing frequently as needed and with amounts of appropriate toilet paper not to clog. Absolutely no paper goods other than 1 ply TP,

  3. NO feminine hygiene products, diapers, cotton balls/swabs, paper towels, facial cleansers, or other inappropriate items are to go into toilet bowl ever! FREQUENT FLUSHING, following guidelines will prevent blockage that may ruin guests’ stay/ incur damages.

Keeping the Guesthouse Cabin &/Or Cozy Poolside Suite clean:

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Shoes: We ask that guests PLEASE OBSERVE OUR “NO SHOES” inside rule. This helps to minimize cleaning and keep cleanliness to a high standard for all guests!  Shoes may be placed either just inside or outside the door/s. Complimentary Indoor slippers are provided for your comfort! If going barefoot outdoors, please clean feet prior to entering. We have hoses for this or washing off pets by pool as well as garage faucet.   Thank you!

Guests may also receive a discount (on optional add ons or cleaning/pool heating fees), if they’d like to complete our short check out list to ensure lack of additional cleaning fees taken from Deposit.  The “Check Out List” is provided on counter or within Concierge Book, as well as w/your Welcome email sent after booking!  Or just ask for List from owner. List includes: Loading used linens into laundry basket, trash into proper receptacles, dishes and cookware rinsed and cleaned thoroughly prior to loading DW, abiding by Disposal usage rules,  and making sure to note any accidental stains or breakage/damages to owner prior to departure.

Candles: No candles please. This applies to any “lit” devices or items in consideration of fire hazard. No Smoking of cigarettes, pot, or vaping devices on property. Guests who smoke may be asked to leave, and there will be no refunds for failure to these rules should this occur.

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Wet Pool Towels and clothes/swimsuits may be placed on porch or deck railings for drying.  Wet towels, swimsuits from pool/river to dry or as appropriate not to damage curtains, furniture, walls or within Cabin. Bath towels are to be hung up appropriately on towel hooks provided,-NOT on doors, cabinets, shower curtain, mirrors, or furniture please.

WINDOWS: MUST BE KEPT closed at all times! (Pollen is a factor in Austin, and creates allergens for other guests, extra cleaning fees, and rainwater damage a possibility). This includes ALL WINDOWS, being kept closed.

SEPTIC SYSTEM RULES: The property is operated by a septic system.  We ask that all guests please read and adhere to using the system properly.  If not: GUESTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR Guess are responsible for any plumbing issues that arise from improper usage and non adherence to these simple terms.   

DISPOSAL is to be used properly and run with each rinsing of even small amounts of food into sink drain (switches at wall behind microwave-guests are responsible for asking owner if they cannot operate properly or don’t know how). Please do not leave water or standing food or debris in disposal w/o running to clear the contents.  This will cause clogging, freezing up, and premature failure of disposal and unnecessary replacement which may be billed and deducted from deposits at a minimum of $325. Plus owner’s time for repairs or overseeing repairs.

 DISHWASHER: Kitchen disposal and DW are to be used ONLY if guests are aware of basic disposal usage and can keep receptacle free of eating utensils, fruit and vegetable peelings, eggshells, coffee grinds, bones, rubber bands, paper goods, plastics, and know how to load and properly care for a DW. Damages to disposal or DW is responsibility of guest to pay.

PETS are subject to property owner’s approval, with details of pet disclosed ahead of stay and fees assessed accordingly and in writing between owner and guests. Please disclose pet details for acceptance AT TIME OF BOOKING.  For example: Under15lbs, may be billed at a flat rate of $100 for up to a week’s stay, Larger pets may incur a flat rate deposit, plus a daily rate per pet, based on breed, weight, habits, and may also be considered. Larger dogs or multiple pets may not be accepted.  Pets must: behave with good bathroom habits as appropriate to keeping Cabin and property clean. Pets who shed hair excessively are not allowed on property and this must be disclosed to owner. NOTE: Pets are not generally accepted for The Cozy Poolside Suite accommodation unless arranged ahead w/ owner and kenneling with flooring confirmed to not scratch flooring). NOTE: Pets are not allowed in the pool/spa area. Pets accepted must have all nails trimmed and filed to not be sharp or scratch flooring, furniture. 


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Please have your pet clean of sand, dirt, etc., utilizing hoses available to all guests in front of garage area, w/ pet towels provided by owner and all dirt removed prior to ALWAYS entering the Cabin! Pets are not to be left alone in the Guesthouse Cabin. 

NOTE: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are pets to be bathed in the bathroom of Cabin at any time. There is a doggie blanket provided for guests (“Woof” on blanket) if guests forget to bring their own bedding for their pet. GUESTS W/ PETS agree to keep pets clean and free of dirt and any “doggie smells.” Dogs must be kept on leash outdoors. If dogs/pets are apt to claw at/or jump  up on things don’t bring your pet!

CHILDREN: Well behaved Children are welcome but must always remain in the company of their parents/or responsible caregivers. This is subject to forfeiture of deposit. ~ Children that are destructive to the property, OR THAT PARENTS DO NOT SEE TO THEIR OBSERVING ALL HOUSE RULES are NOT welcome, their behavior will be noted to the parents and may be asked to leave.

ADD ON AMENTIES: OPTIONAL w/ List of Add Ons, pricing applicable with booking. Please Note: Prior notice and discussion on choice of "Add Ons:" must be made with notice. Other amenities such as laundry requests, cleaning services, fridge stocking, custom flower arrangements, or dry cleaning must be given prior notice as reasonably specified.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Landlord may consider a partial Refund if cancelled at least 60-90 days or more before arrival date AND WITH CONGENIAL COORDINATION WITH PROPERTY OWNER when a replacement booking is able to be found. Amount of refund may be subject to replacement booking and comparison of rates or transfer of booking to available dates at discretion of owner with coordination of guest. Owner will always work to accommodate, if possible, to find a replacement booking for a cooperative guest. Otherwise, all bookings are Non-Refundable, with exception of agreed to inclement weather that makes traveling impossible, in which case booking will be postponed to later dates that are open and arranged w/ property owner.

CANCELLATION POLICY for Add Ons: All Add Ons are Non-Refundable but may be transferrable to other Add Ons as time allows and if possible, with timing of booking and prep time required. With sufficient notice and per discretion of owner, pricing may be adjusted and slight upcharge for exchange on Add Ons. Tax is taken on all Options with payments received prior to booking or with exception during stay w/ prompt payment prior to delivery service.

EXTRA PERSONS: To SCHEDULE gatherings for additional persons not included w/ booking, parties or events whether staying or visiting only, day or night,, FEES as outlined in listing must be paid ahead and discussed and agreed to in writing by landlord, on a per person/night or day visit. Paid for "Guests of Guests" are limited to 5 hours per day, or as specified for “Special Events” paid, and are not allowed to access the pool area without prior signed liability waiver by all guests from guest booked, and written agreement to adhere to all rules prior to the event. Guests who are drunk or disorderly will be asked to leave the property and subject to claim for violations and damage.

EVENTS-NOTE: Discounts are possible for larger groups when arranged ahead! OTHERWISE: Any NON DISCLOSED UNPAID guests staying or visiting, or additional vehicles even only for a few minutes, will be paid at higher rate of $95./person/day/night, and parking fees accessed. THIS RATE for undisclosed guests/pets, will be either immediately paid by guest directly to owner, or guests may be asked to leave. PARKING: Parking of additional cars beyond the one designated spot will be as outlined OFF the driveway. More than one warning for cars parked blocking driveway will result in forfeit of deposit. THIS PROPERTY IS AVAILABLE FOR BOOKING (Page 3 of 4):

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Pool and Easement to the River hours may be updated by property owner at any time and are agreed to be observed as posted!

HOT TUB: Guests are welcome to use if paid for and scheduled ahead policies. All heating of tub, pool, or lighting of outdoor fireplace must be arranged ahead with owners by way of a couple hours’ notice, for setting on timer w/ schedule if owner is out away from property.  (Putting spa on timer for example if landlord is out and not available on the property during spa time requested). Guests are responsible for scheduling per weather and may request extra time which will be charged at a rate of $30. per half hour, or $60. per hour used. (or estimated usage if landlord is out) NOTE: CHILDREN OR ADULTS TAMPERING W/ POOL/SPA CONTROLS THAT RESULTS IN USAGE BEYOND PACKAGE PAID FOR WITH BOOKING WILL ALSO INCUR THESE RATES. FUEL IS EXPENSIVE AND TAMPERING W/ CONTROLS IS NOT ALLOWED. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF SPA HEAT IS NOT WORKING FOR SOME REASON, SO THAT WE MAY CORRECT. TO AVOID COMPLICATING, REQUESTS FOR ADDITIONAL POOL OR SPA HEATING BEYOND WHAT IS PAID FOR IN ADVANCE, WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM DEPOSIT, OR IF USAGE IS MORE THAN DEPOSIT THEN GUEST/S AGREE TO PAY FOR ADDITIONAL RUNNING PER TERMS.

POOL HEATING AND FIREPLACE/ USAGE: is only available during months when water temperatures have remained in the higher ranges (water temps averaging 75 degrees or more) for a week for pool to be heated or can be requested in advance with hourly rate for heating per terms stated above. Pool heating is generally not available in winter months (Nov.-Mar.) or during periods of inclement weather when temperatures are much lower, and cost of fuel is not possible to be covered by HOT TUB packages OR fuel fees. However, when guests have PAID FOR at least ONE OR MORE HOT TUB PACKAGE/S, and temps are close to averaging 75 degrees OR HIGHER, owner may be happy to heat pool for no additional charge (based on amount of fuel, time needed) or an additional charge of $30/half hour or as agreed based on temperatures, subtracted from RDD without discussion. FIREPLACE and Fire Pit: Guests are welcome to gather additional kindling from property. Abuse of usage or wood supply for setups will be subject to cost of supplies taken beyond packages. The “Fire Pit” behind the Guesthouse is only permitted after confirming with owner that the area is not under a “BURN BAN” with  setups of 3-4 medium logs@ $35. This is on an “honor” system.  Please disclose for lower rate. Per bundle (about 3-4 medium sticks). No food or trash allowed in firepit.

 River access is for paying and STAYING guests only. No running, diving, or irresponsible behavior is allowed in the pool area or guesthouse at any time, subject to immediate enforcement and removal of guests from the property. NO CHILDREN UNDER AGE 16 ARE TO BE UNATTENDED IN POOL AREA, OR UNACCOMPANIED BY ADULT OF AT LEAST 21 YEARS.



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