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Cabin and Combo Bookings for items requirring cooking, but adjusted for yummy microwaveable items for the Suite. Plenty of fresh fruit,  hearty meats and breads!  Includes delicious condiments appropriate to items.  A great deal for making any stay convenient and relaxing!~Deluxe-"Do It Yourself Breakfast Fixin's": $185 (feeds 2-4 and/or multiple breakfasts/days): A LOT OF BREAKFAST!: A dozen or two farm fresh organic eggs, (or gourmet quiche/s), wholesome/no preservatives/ GMOs-Turkey sausages/bacon/Canadian Bacon-all easily microwaveable, or veggie if you prefer, variety seasonal fruits, choice of: tastey loafs of healthy breads, English muffins, sour dough, plain or cinnamon bagels (w/ whipped cream cheese, Butter),Banana Nut, Lemon Blueberry, scrumptious loaf. May include 3 ingredients for omelettes: (ex: baby spinach, green onions, cheese, ham, bell pepper,mushrooms…) Beverages or salmon w/ capers and cream cheese for bagels may be include upcharge of $15/xtra persons over 2-4 based on length of stay, meals desired, more guests-just ask!

Deluxe Breakfast Fixin's Basket-for 2-4-6-& More than 1 Meal!

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