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Let us do your shopping and stock your fridge for you w/ whatever is on your list!  PLUS RECEIPTS on items/ amounts.  Pricing ranges on average of $25-45/bag w/ your list of items and receipt paid in addition on cost of items- w/ large items (such as liters of drinks or packs of beverages) of course at a lower rate (soft drinks, gallons of or six packs, water bottles in bulk, etc.)  Just send us your list and we will give you an estimate, and then save the receipts for payment reimbursement.  We shop for our items selectively for the best locations for purchase, freshest produce, baked goods, and meet items.  Living in the area with fine groceries, we may go to more than one store to make sure you are happy with your items.  Just ask!

Fridge Stocking-Per 2-3 full Bags+

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