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$175 for  smaller portions and up to 2 persons-Enough for more than one meal!  More than 2 persons? $245. will feed up to 4 with a nice bottle of Cabernet wine!  Dutch Oven Pot Roast-Feeds 2-8-(Add for up to 8) or for more than one meal) add $20/person over 4 for more than one meal!  Includes veggies and gravy cooked in within the dish! Add a side of fresh rolls or bread loaf ($20.), fresh green beans, baked or scalloped potatoes, or salad!  Great for open faced sandwiches or pair with our green bean casserole, salad, or baked potatoes.  Loads of: tender meat in gravy, w/ array of onions, carrots, bell peppers or mushrooms, and a hint of garlic and other yummy seasonings!  

Dutch Oven Pot Roast w/gravy and cooked in veggies-Feeds 6-8

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