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A Memorable Cabin and Retreat for ANY Event!

If you have a hankering to get out into nature, stay in a very private and secluded remote Cabin where you are surrounded by peace and tranquility but have all kinds of fun things to do right at your fingertips, THIS is THE PROPERTY for your GetAway! Just check the reviews! It's hard to find a property with so many amenities, surrounded by great food, options for outdoor activities, and where guests can truly relax with luxury! During the pandemic, we are limiting events for larger groups, but if you have a large family or a smaller group, that you feel safe to be around, or you are two couples or families that want to get together for a StayVacay, but also want to be as safe as possible with visiting outdoors and distancing while having privacy and seclusion with your own Suite for sleeping, then The Luxury Guesthouse Cabin and Modern Farmhouse Suite COMBO is IDEAL! Inquire for best pricing for your group.

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