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Fine Art Workshops Now Has Luxury Accommodations For Group Intensive Workshops!

We now can offer our Art Retreat Workshops with the added advantage of a luxury stay at The Guesthouse Cabin Retreat, right on the property! Sign up for a Series of Workshops! Schedule w/ the artist for when you’d like to coordinate and CUSTOMIZE for inclusion w/many of the other wonderful amenities that the property offers! Chef prepared meals, picnics by the river (at our private easement w/ pier), Winery Touring in the Hill Country, Museum visits, SoCo excursions, and/or Live Performances at Austin’s many wonderful venues! A full long weekend or just Weekdays. Summer or Winter! Pricing will vary based on number of persons, and length of stay! I’ll look forward to hearing from you and scheduling some very special customized activities for your Art Retreat Workshop Stays!

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During COVID-19

PRIVATE and SECLUDED, this LUXURY CABIN is IDEAL for sheltering in place for awhile or even just a short stay! WE FOLLOW ALL CDC standards to the letter! Sanitation and pristine cleanliness always!


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